Mexican Veggie Pozole

I love this recipe my mom helped me come up with it because she loves to eat pozole and felt bad that every time she made it I couldn’t eat it so together we came up with this delicious recipe hope you love it.


1/4 tablespoon of salt
A pinch of garlic powder
1 bay leaf
A pinch of oregano
1cup of V8
1 medium size can of white hominy(take the water out!)
4 cups of water

3 cups of shredded lettuce
3 tablespoons of onion (minced)
3 radishes sliced very thin

*slice of lemon squeezed to taste


In a small saucepan add all the ingredients except the toppings (lettuce, onion, and radishes) put them to boil in low fire. After it boils turn it off. Serve, add the toppings and enjoy.

*Serves 2-3

**If you want that meaty texture you can add some oyster mushrooms.



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