Cherry Tomato Pasta

I call this my Cherry Tomato Pasta because the tomatoes play a big part: they gives it a very unique look and a very delicious flavor. Cherry tomatoes are low in calories and they will give you a boost of energy, this is great dish for a romantic dinner for two; it’s filling and the aromas are amazing plus it looks fantastic.
Pair it with a delicious red wine and great company. 😉


25 cherry tomatoes.
1 medium sized yellow bell pepper.
7 white mushrooms.
1 cup of tomato sauce (marinara). 1 garlic clove finely chopped.
1/2 teaspoon of Olive oil.
Half a tablespoon margarine or vegan butter.
1 teaspoon of salt and also 1 pinch of salt.
2 pinches of fresh black pepper.
1 teaspoon of cooking sherry(Optional).
1 tablespoon of parsley finely chopped.
Between six and eight cups of water.
And a small box of pasta for two.


First and foremost in a pot with a teaspoon of salt and water cook the pasta.
Then begin with chopping the cherry tomatoes in halves, the bell pepper in small cubes and the mushrooms in slices, that way everything is easier and quicker.
In low fire put a small skillet add just a quarter of the tablespoon of butter and half of the garlic that you chopped then add the mushrooms let it cook slowly. And make sure the mushrooms have enough space so they could cook properly and taste better. After that in another skillet in low fire put a little olive oil and then cook the garlic until its translucent then add the bell peppers after that the tomatoes and mushrooms, add the sherry and steer occasionally make sure you add the pinch of salt and pepper.
Drain the pasta. Add a little butter to the pasta and the fresh chop parsley.
Heat the marinara sauce making sure you steer it constantly and it’s also in low fire.
Finally you place the pasta in the bowls add the sauce and then add the vegetables, garnish with a piece of parsley, bon Appétit.


*Note: because the mushrooms have a really strong taste it can overpower all the flavors this is why it’s best to cook fresh mushrooms separately they will taste better and you could enjoy all the flavors together.


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