In my family we love to eat, and because our family comes from different regions of the world we’ve tried food from all over. Living in Mexico I’ve learned I love Mexican food! However Mexicans are meat lovers at heart. This wouldn’t be an issue except I’m a vegetarian.
And finding lactovegetarian meals that were delicious and inexpensive was almost impossible, especially here.
Most of the recipes I countered turn out to be too difficult, the ingredients hard to find and/or very expensive, and the flavor…bland. In the best case scenario most of them had tofu, soy, fish and or chicken. I like tofu and soy but what happened to the veggies? And… I don’t know when fish and chicken became vegetables.
That’s when I realize I had to take matters in to my own hands, so for 14 years I made dishes that were delicious, some nutritious and all cruelty free. They are easy to do, the ingredients are available everywhere and surprisingly tasty. I made a couple of recipes that I plan to share with you in these short months and I hope you try them but most of all I hope you enjoy them as much as my family and I do.

Gigi M. Alvira


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  1. I suppose the reason I am not a vegetarian is because of food availability. That and how I was raised. Had school taught me meat was as bad as a cigarette, I might not eat it. Living in a country that is big on meat while trying to remain a vegetarian, that’s tough…if not nuts. I’d likely have to live with vegetarians who cook most of the time to integrate. Til then, I am gradually reducing what meats I eat.

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